We have installed a 7kw ZAPPI charger unit. It is situated to the left of the front porch of the Cottage. A 10metre detachable tether cable is stored in the front porch and should be returned there after use. The cable length provides ample flexibility to reach a vehicle parked at the front of the Cottage. 

This is a link to the manual/information booklet for the charger point.  https://drive.google.com/file/...

The unit is controlled and monitored via an app and in normal circumstances is locked off from use. Those Guests that wish to use the unit during their stay are asked to notify us at the point of booking. 

Energy use and progress with charging can be seen on the front panel of the unit. The unit can be used daytime or evening. 

Guests will be provided with a summary of use at the end of their stay and any balancing payments will be arranged.

The kw hour cost will be the rate that is in place at the time of the stay. At present this is £0.36 kwh

Alternative charger locations in the area.


Bannerfield Car Park - Type 2 22kw - Free to use


Tesco, 4 type 2 7kw points - free to use

Leslie Street CAr Park, 43kw and 50kw points - free to use

Lidl Blairgowrie, 7kw, 22kw, 50kw points - free to use





Perth, Inveralmond Roundabout:

Adjacent to Starbucks - Ionity, 350kw - payment needed